Sep 08

Pitstop indianapolis 2h

On the way down to Tennesee we crossed Indi, what a luck. From the interstate we just felt into the Lizzard to an OpenMic session and Peter had great success! A guy offert his venue for a show! Everytime nice people!

Sep 08

Pygmalion Festival / Champaign+Urbana

In the middle of knowwhere, a twin city, called champaign/urbana, set up a great festival with various musicstyles and different people even straight out of Europe. Thanx to Prat for hosting us! Thanks to Seth for inviting us! We will never forget the green-room, the burritos, the Jack Daniels and the hairdresser as well! Check out the festival-site: Pygmalion Festival.
The tour changed a litte bit, thats the way how it works. But we gonna hit more citys than thought! Tonight Indianapolis and tomorrow Knoxville, all day driving through the endless Midwest!


Sep 08


2700 Miles DONE
The town of Jazz and mobs…
tonight live at Uncommon ground!

Sep 08

areas one, two, three done

now in chicago…
we dont count the detours and byside trips we did.
thanks to all people supporting us!
Cj Vinson (New York City), The man with the Van Kriss (New York City), Cliff Rawson (Brooklyn from Ladycop), Nicole (Williamsburg), Jake Noodels (Williamsburg), Melissa Ihrig/ Mike Doyle/ Jason Jurewicz (Rochester), Julia Klee (Chicago), Brian Cronin (Philadelphia), Kariane (Boston), Baby Luke (Waverly) and his Family, thanks to Mom for breakfast!, Danny (New York City), Rachel Hemphill (Cleveland), The Plumber (clv),
Regan Early and Thomas Urbanik (Providence), Hillel Gloral the cool guy from Israel (Buffalo) Nick Weber (Watkins Glen) and many more, sorry our brains are full of information… Thanks to Germany: Michael Goller, Ari Fuchs, Sophie,, Jessica Sperling, Regalflächendesign GbR, Michael Schaarschmidt, Johnny Fleckeisen, Matthias Dressel, and many more!

Sep 08


T-shirts avaiable soon on

Sep 08

the last days… looking forward

In the last days Peter Piek had some awesome shows in Rochester, Waverly, Watkins Glen, Buffalo, Cleveland etc.
time is passing on!
next week the second part of our journey starts we leave the north and go down south.
We both Peter and I are happy to be here because we always meet some nice people. Inspiering us, and we them.
Tonight Peter is gonna make his show in Kent Ohio! so stay tuned, i hope i find the time to upload a video from a show in the past, so you all can imagine what one world one nation means…

Sep 08

the trip is getting started!

Dear beloved ones, dear friends, fans and everyone we meet before and gonna meet on this journey.

Peter and I become Americanized. Driving a big car. Rocking, drinking, loving the live here in the states… the last shows at 169 Bar and Parkside lounge where awesome… many people expressed their love to music and travelling.

We meet some other guys from Germany, Michi and Jan, now we are travelling in a team with our SUV, yes we know: nature, but we have a lot of stuff with us, gitarre, keyboard, poster, flyer, 4 huge backpacks and one trolley, we are now on the fast lane. Tonight we rock Providence beach again!!! Looking forward to boston!

This journey gonna change us… check this blog for more details…

One Thing to mention: Saturday night three musicians and three guys hade a grazy jamsession… one world one nation (song by Thomas Dressel)

Lots of videos where made I hope our director Felix will make a awesome video with that material.

One love one heart … lets get together and feel alright… (Bob Marley)

Now the real adventure started. Stay tuned! We are coming!

Peter, Michi, Jan, Thomas